Sthlm Fragrance Supplier has a large range of aroma diffusers / humidifiers and fragrance oils in the best quality.
The brand offers unique and aesthetically pleasing products for both homes and businesses. The big customer favorite is, of course, the stylish Aroma diffusers, which are easy to decorate and suit every home and business in every room. Sthlm Fragrance Supplier also has a wide range of fragrance oils that are combined with a unique Swedish design, characterized by exclusivity in French fragrances. The perfume oils provide fresh indoor air combined with fragrance via mist and create an optimal environment for every room.



Stylish and decorative Aroma Diffuser in marbled or white glass top.

  • Gray marble mottled

  • Mist and fragrance per 100 ml of water: On for 6-10 h

  • automatic shutdown

  • Soft LED lighting

  • Almost Silent

Product description:

This beautiful and decorative Aroma Diffuser / Humidifier, shaped like a glass egg, creates a peaceful and fragrant mist by adding 1-3 drops of perfume oil. The Aroma Diffuser combines fresh air and fragrance with modern scientific innovation where you only need a wall socket to plug it into to create a sophisticated fragrant atmosphere.

The Aroma Diffuser is running for about 5-10 hours and when the water has evaporated and the water container is empty, it switches off automatically so you never have to worry about forgetting it.

Aroma Diffuser Humidifier has multiple LED light functions and can slowly switch between different beautiful colors in the lighting, set to only one color or stand with mist and fragrance without lighting in its beautiful gray marbled or white egg-shaped glass shell.


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